I just caught up on sisterhades blog and just thought it worth mentioning that she’s perfect, this is now an Alice fan blog

Also that we invented mumblr, rest in beast

Knucks + kisses

I’ve technically known Maddy for a little over three years now. She was the first…

This totally reminds me of my favorite trilogy; Bourne. Who were there, from the beginning? I was the first few among my friends to get pregnant then, so I turned to Tumblr for support.

Your kids were slightly older than Big (Ezra) then, or that we were pregnant at the same time with our first.

You listened to me whine and go through postpartum depression with my Chinese mother-in-law. Thank you for being there, from the beginning. Some of you have swore off Tumblr for good, but I’m glad there’s Instagram so we could see how far we, and our children, have come along.

I can’t possibly tag all of you, because I remember your names more than your blog name… and we are all guilty of occasionally changing our URLs (except Jacob and Sam’s mummy ;) Which is a good thang!!!).

And a thank you to the few of you who have been supportive of my personal struggles from afar! You know who you are. Your messages are very comforting. We are all dickheads for being slow in responding but that’s because we all have lives beyond Tumblr. Or don’t we? ;)

Godspeed. If anyone one you decides to delete and leave, at least tell one of us. So we know that no one is trying to bump you off the grid or something.

All of this, I love u all

& mutuals plz add me on fb also

Tuesdays = any movie 1.25 party @ crazy mikes

I remember when it used to be a dollar and I had to show up hecka early to get the good stuff

But now everyone has netflix so it’s easier to get stuff. I think even after we get internet we keep doing this.

Bc support your local video store